• Smoky Greenwell | harmonicas, vocals
  • Johnny Neel | keyboards, vocals
  • Dennis Gulley | bass guitar, background vocals
  • John Conley | guitar
  • Daryl Burgess | drums, background vocals
  • Melissa Alesi | vocals

Recorded by Logan Dill and Phil Martin at Straight Up Sound, Nashville, TN
Written by Smoky Greenwell and Johnny Neel

Get it Early:

All Pre-ordered CD’s will be mailed Thursday, June 27th, 2019 and will be autographed!

About the Song:

This song was inspired by the extreme polarization in America right now. We need to stop hating each other, and the first step is finding common ground. I came up with some of the harmonica riffs while sitting at the French Market, and I ended up recording the song during a trip I took to Nashville.

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